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Crave sugar after a meal
Have bad posture
Get sick frequently
Have low self-confidence
Have low energy/strength

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What you get by acheiving your goals is not as important as what you Become by acheiving your goals - Henry D. Thoreau

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Nosheen - Pakistan

“I first heard about them from a facebook group for muslim moms, and now that i’ve worked with trainer Tasneem & Seyma and i can honestly say they are a big blessing from Allah (swt). I’m taking such better care of myself. I’m making better food choices, I’m thinking in a more positive way and i’m working out on a regular basis…”

Saajida - Australia

“Helped me improve my mental & physical well-being. My favorite part of this experience was the online personal coaches… They really helped me figure out what my goals & helped me towards reaching those goals. With strongHer 2.0 the trainers helped me improve my form significantly… this helped me reach my workout goals quicker and helped me to reduce back pain that I was previously experiencing.”

Rabz - Canada

” It really helped me with accountability, there was a lot of focus on healthy eating habits… It helped me with my forms and exercises. it really helped me be consistent… it helped me with my focus this year on health, so for all others who are interested, if this is something that you’re focusing on for this year, please go ahead and sign up with them.”