Who is StrongHer Together?

A sisterhood of Muslim women building a community and offering a guide to a healthier lifestyle to women across all walks of life. When we have a tribe of women by our side, we can face almost anything!!   Show your support for Womens Fitness Trainers at  StrongHerTogether.net

Meet the team

Ameena Irvin

Ameena is a fitness coach and group instructor. She loves H.I.I.T workouts and boot camps. She also enjoys bringing out the sweat and the best in you!

Seyma Saricimen

Seyma is a fitness trainer certified in Pilates, calisthenics, pre/post natal and nutrition. She works on correct alignment, posture and correct movement to maximize the benefit of movement and avoid injuries on the long run. Keeping the body strong and spine aligned achieving a high quality life.

Tasneem Mughal

Tasneem is a certified Hiit Trainer and Power Pilates Trainer who works with Muslim women to help them feel confident in their own skin. She believes that building women through health will essentially be building our community as a whole, since a woman is the foundation of it all. She's been in and out of the gym since she was 5 years old and loves the change of vibe a good workout brings to surface

Amani-Nzinga Jabbar

Amani is a professor of English, author, marathon runner, health coach, group fitness instructor, wife, and mother of 3. Her latest book, I Bear Witness, tells the story of a young woman who emerges stronger after facing challenges in her life. It is available on Amazon.

Shazia Khalid

I'm a certified gym instructor and personal trainer. My main goal is to help inspire and lift other women into building a fit mind and body. I believe fitness starts in the mind and that's where I'll always begin. I love to incorporate strength training, metabolic conditioning and interval training in my workouts.

Fatima El Ibrahim

Hi, I’m Fatima a personal trainer and fitness coach in the UK. I specialise in strength, functional training and HIIT. For me, feeling fitter and stronger makes me feel energetic and alive but at the early stages of my fitness journey, I struggled with finding what really works for me. Learning how to create a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally transitioned my outlook and my fitness journey entirely. This is why, my ultimate goal with every client is to help build a positive attitude towards fitness, diet and wellbeing. I believe everyone deserves to live a life where they feel happy with themselves inside and out. I am lucky to work with clients everyday to help them come closer to their goals, while working to improve their lifestyle daily.

And more new trainers, new programs and new offerings to come soon insha-Allah...